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Dog Is Hailed A Hero After Being Photographed Carrying A Bag Of Dog Food In His Mouth The Morning After Hurricane Harvey

Salvador Segovia, 65, left food and water for his grandson’s dog Otis on his protected back porch just before Hurricane Harvey struck the Texas coast. Otis may have been scared by the storm because on Friday night in Sinton, close to Corpus Christi, he opened the screen door and ran out.

After failing to find the dog that evening, Salvador tried again the next morning.

Tiele Dockens, who lives a short distance from Salvador, was on her way to check on some friends’ and family’ evacuated homes on Saturday morning when she noticed something. In his jaws, the canine was holding a huge bag of dog food as he made his way down the street.

Salvador Segovia

Dockens declared:

“I feel like I’m in charge. I simply thought it was adorable.”

He then snapped a picture and posted it to Facebook. The dog swiftly gained online fame when the picture went viral because, to Texans, the dog represents the state of Texas’ fortitude in the face of Hurricane Harvey.

Salvador Segovia

Carter, Salvador’s 5-year-old grandson, fled Sinton with his parents to flee the storm, and Otis, Carter’s guide dog, had been in his care, Salvador claimed.

According to Salvador, who found the dog when he was just a puppy, Otis is most likely around 6 years old. One day, a passing motorist stopped and announced that, barring Salvador’s request, he intended to leave the dog someplace.

Salvador Segovia

I rebuked him, saying, “No, no, no, leave it here; we’ll keep it. The dog was left here and later adopted by my grandson.

The dog, according to Dockens, seemed familar. He claimed that it is probably something he has seen previously in the community of 5,000 residents. He arrived outside Salvador’s home after pursuing the dog to make sure he wasn’t lost.

Salvador Segovia

Said Salvador

“I get approached by a woman who asks, “Is that your dog coming down the road?” And when I turn around, Otis is approaching with the meal!”

When Otis arrived at his house, he went out onto the porch, set the bag of food down, and then sat on the ground.

Salvador Segovia