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These Smiling Foxes Pictures Might Melt Your Heart Right Now

Dutch nature photographer Roeselien Raimond loves to take photos of wild foxes. What she especially loves is catching them when they are relaxing and carefree and “zen” like.

Roeselien lives in one of the most crowded parts of the Netherlands, so to escape the city stress, she often returns to the coast where she was born and where the foxes live.

Roeselien shared her latest photo series entitled “Zen Foxes” with Reshareworthy.com and when you see the photos below, you’ll understand why “zen” is so appropriate for these happy animals.

“Sometimes it seems like foxes can not only be really happy, but can actually smile…” Roeselien writes. “Must be my imagination I guess.” If it’s in her imagination, it must be in mine too! I could swear I see them smiling…