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Woman Walks Past Nativity Scene And Notices Someone Sleeping In The Manger

Everything appeared regular to Nádia Rosângella as she drove by a plaza in Brazil where a lovely Christmas nativity scene had been constructed, but the figures alluding to the stable were particularly stunning. Something about this nativity scene seemed unusual, and someone was soundly asleep in the stable.

Someone entirely unexpected occupies the space that is usually left unoccupied until Christmas day. At the birthplace, a tiny dog found a cozy spot to relax.

It was a wonderful image, with the dog in the little cot looking serene and resting happily.

According to Nadia, who spoke to The Dodo,

«I was taken aback. It was really stunning! “What a lovely and pure scene.”


The mother had no idea where the charming dog had come from; it had evidently been abandoned in the square long ago, and without a warm place to lay, the adorable canine regarded the manger as the ideal location to unwind for a while. Nadia was utterly taken aback when she saw him there, vulnerable and alone.


Nadia was saddened by the scenario she saw at the nativity scene, and while she couldn’t take the small puppy home with her, she wanted to make sure she assisted by taking photographs. She advertised herself and the local community of animal lovers on social media in the hopes that the tiny one would be adopted.

The dog in the manger found a forever home and a cozy bed to sleep in every night quickly.


Without even realizing it, the adorable puppy was given a second chance and a great home owing to the Christmas tableau in the plaza.

Nadia explains:

“She was found and taken home by a friend.”