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This Shelter Dog Has The Most Unusual Smile And He’s Beautiful

When Zipper, an 8-year-old canine, was discovered walking the streets as a homeless dog, the shelter staff knew they had something unique on their hands. She is a normal tiny dog—sweet, sociable, and malformed in her jaw, which gives her the sweetest and most unusual grin.

The employees at Huntsville Animal Services think Zipper’s unique smile doesn’t seem to have any impact on her at all. She consumes food regularly, enjoys rewards, and doesn’t appear to be aware of her unusual appearance in comparison to other dogs.

Volunteer Erin Webb with Huntsville Animal Services stated to The Dodo:

“We don’t understand the jaw malformation. We don’t know what brought it about. Her teeth are widely spaced apart and she has an overbite.

Zipper most likely spent her whole life as an outdoor dog and was not adequately cared for because of the state she was in when she arrived at the shelter. She looks to have given birth more than once and suffers from flea allergy-related hair loss.

Although she may have been left behind because she was no longer required, her new shelter family is aware of how precious she is and will work with her to find a permanent home.

Even though Zipper may not seem exactly like other dogs, you can’t help but want to meet her once you see her distinctive smile.

She is a calm and kind female because she is an old dog. She seemed to like experiencing new things. She enjoys spending time with the other dogs, and she got along well with Mr. Mike, our other elderly dog.