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Mother Raccoon Teaches Her Baby How To Climb A Tree

Moms have a tough job. They have to teach their children everything they need to know in order to survive. Humans don’t often consider what animal mothers have to teach their young, but after watching the mother raccoon in this video, it looks like moms in the animal kingdom go through a lot of the same challenges but push through with patience and perseverance just like human moms!

This mama raccoon is trying to teach her baby how to climb a tree and what follows is a funny and sweet look at the education of a raccoon kit! Mom tries a couple of different methods to teach him – placing him on the tree trunk, demonstrating for him how to climb. She even spots him from the bottom in case he falls

After a lot of trial and error, the cute ‘coon finally manages to hold on. I have to say I have a newfound respect for mother raccoons everywhere. That did not look easy. Way to go mom!