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Dogs Help Toddler Escape Her Room So She Can Give Them Snacks

It’s fair to say Bleu and Colby have always had it good, but something happened 15 months ago that made their lives even better.


Chloe, their new younger sister, was introduced to them.

Chris Cardinal and his wife, Bleu and Colby’s owners, didn’t realize it at the time, but the puppies would soon turn that sweet, innocent newborn into their own little partner in crime.


Cardinal told The Dodo, “Colby was immediately, ‘This is my person.” “Bleu needed some time to warm up. Then he discovered she could care for animals.”

However, when Chloe grew older, the dogs realized she could do more than just show them affection. This small human turned out to be significantly more generous in doling out sweets on the spur of the moment than her parsimonious parents.

The floor behind Chloe’s high chair quickly became the go-to spot.


Bleu and Colby were clearly enjoying all of Chloe’s illegal, unapproved goodies, but they suddenly realized that she was definitely capable of even more, and that getting presents at random wasn’t cutting it.

Instead of waiting, they went right to the source.

After discovering their child curiously up and about outside her room one morning, Chloe’s parents discovered about her charming back-dealing. Chloe isn’t tall enough to reach the knob because the door had been shut throughout the night.

Only after examining footage from Chloe’s room camera did her parents discover the truth: the dogs had aided her escape in exchange for an early breakfast.

Cardinal stated, “They obviously understood what they were doing.” “Around 6 a.m., they start becoming hungry, and instead of barking outside our room, I believe they decided to test the infant. They had previously slipped into her room overnight, but not for breakfast. (At the time, she couldn’t walk.) As a result, this is the first time it has resulted in a jail break.”

Chloe seems to be delighted to give her friends with the edgy nibbles.

The toddler’s parents believe that this early mischief-making between their daughter and the dogs is only the beginning — but they wouldn’t give the mischievous trio’s bond for anything.