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So That She Might See Her Mother, The Dog Always Gives Her Best Owl Impression

Ashleigh Macpherson anticipated that bringing home a puppy called Kiko would provide a pleasant diversion during the confinement. Kiko, a 9-month-old Finnish spitz, must have realized that her mother was in desperate need of her, since she won’t allow her out of her sight.

Kiko has elevated the phrase “watchdog” to new heights by insisting on keeping an eye on her mother even while she is looking in the opposite direction.


Kiko just craned her head back as she slept at first, and her mother didn’t notice. Macpherson told The Dodo, “She has always done that when she was a young puppy.” “I just assumed she was one of those dogs who like to sleep ‘broken.'”

Kiko, on the other hand, began to rotate her head 180 degrees while she was awake as she grew older.

Kiko used to bend her neck back to gaze at her two dog siblings, but as she grew closer to Macpherson, she began to use her flexibility to keep an eye on her mother even though her body was facing the wrong way.

“I was rather astonished when I first saw her bend her head back to look at me, but at the same time, I thought it was cute,” Macpherson added. “‘She must truly want to maintain her focus on me,’ I reasoned. And that she must adore me so much that she can’t take her gaze away from me.”


Kiko can now execute the Exorcist-like “trick” on order, with only the word “devil” from Macpherson.