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Blind Persian Cat Gets A Second Chance In Life After Being Rescued From A Dirty Pet Shop Where She Lost Her Sight

Meet Moet the blind Persian cat who has become an internet sensation and a social media star ever since she was rescued from horrible neglect. The 6-year-old cat was adopted by Emily Shotter who found her in an animal shelter in Oman in 2014 and gave the fluffy cat a new forever home.

Moet had been born to an unlicensed breeder and lost her sight due to neglect at a ‘pet shop.’ She had been left in a dirty cage with no food, no water, no bed, and no toys which is why this abandoned cat got sick and went blind. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending.

“Moet is a bit of a diva and a sassy girl. While she’s generally very sweet-natured, this blind cat hates to be bored and will squeak (not meow) for attention incessantly!” Emily the owner of this adorable cat told Bored Panda. Scroll down for our full interview about Moet the Persian cat, be sure to check out her Instagram @moetblindcat, and upvote your fave pics of this cute cat.