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Woman Adopts Dog For Her 25th Birthday

Sometimes, the best part of birthdays isn’t the gifts you get from others, but the ones you get for yourself. Imgur user ‘jekyllandclyde’ recently turned 25, and she decided to mark the occasion by bringing a special new friend into her life.

She adopted Teddy, a Cattle Dog/Australian Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix with piercing blue eyes and an infectious smile. “He’s definitely a chick magnet. He deserves all the attention he gets,” Teddy’s new owner remarked online. “I thought he was so loving and happy at the humane society… And then I brought him home and those eyes and ears just came to life!”

Not only is Teddy set to help her stay active during the coming harsh winter months, he’s also “got a good snoot to boop.” Really, what more could you ask for?