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Office Cat Is So Obsessed With Money That He Steals It From Strangers

Nothing escapes Sir Whines-A-notice. Lot’s Certainly not any banknotes in the amount of a dollar.


The adorable rescue cat has made quite a name for himself around the GuRuStu marketing agency in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he lives full time. He’s your normal feline employee during the day, glad to provide a pleasant respite for his coworkers or climb atop their keyboard to write jumbled emails on their behalf.

Sir Whines-A-true Lot’s labor, on the other hand, begins in the evening.


GuRuStu creator Stuart McDaniel saw some cash on the floor near the glass entrance where Sir Whines-A-Lot likes to sunbathe and people-watch when he returned to work one morning.


“It happened again and again, but we couldn’t figure out why.” As a result, we decided to put a hypothesis to the test,” McDaniel told The Dodo. “We attempted to slide money through the opening in the door, but the cat sprang up and stole it.”

Sir Whines-A-Lot had been getting all that money himself at night when he had the run of the property, it turns out. And the money simply kept coming in.


Sir Whines-A-Lot, McDaniel concluded, had been attracting passers-by to the glass while his employees were away, urging them to try to communicate with him via the slot. In such case, a bill would serve as a useful cat toy.

McDaniel speculated, “I’m sure the first folks didn’t plan to lose their dollar.” “It was presumably put in to annoy him, and he grabbed it.” When you hold money in your hand, he’ll playfully swat at it at first, as if to say, ‘Oh, that’s really fun.’ But then he’ll bite your hand and tear it from your grasp. He does it so quickly that you don’t even notice what’s going on.”

Here’s a clip of Sir Whines-A-Lot at work.

The cat’s cash-grabbing proclivities become a neighborhood attraction over time. People began messing with Sir Whines-A-Lot with money before long, money that they eventually lost.

“It’s turned into a game.” “It’ll cost you a dollar to play because the cat will collect your money,” McDaniel explained.

This game is so simple for Sir Whines-A-Lot that it must seem like theft to him.


“He pats the money when it comes in. McDaniel explained, “It’s like, ‘This is my money now.'” “He’ll even roll in the dough and wallow in it.” He’s going to roll around in it. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen.”


McDaniel determined that because their office pet was raking in the cash at night, it should be put to good use. He’s started donating money to a homeless-assistance organization in the city. Sir Whines-A-Lot, he reasoned, would approve.

“He was previously homeless, so it feels appropriate,” McDaniel added.

Sir Whines-A-Lot has raised almost $100 thus far, under the moniker CASHnip Kitty.


As news spreads, McDaniels believes that more individuals will go to great lengths to have their money stolen by Sir Whines-A-Lot. And the cat will gladly accept it from them:

McDaniel added, “He’s certainly loving the attention.” “We’ll keep letting him do it as long as he wants to.”

No one could have predicted that their fat office cat would become a philanthropist, but it has only increased their affection for him.


“He used to be simply a silly cat, but now we appreciate him a lot more.” McDaniel stated, “He’s doing his part.” “I’d advise other firms to have cats in the office,” she says, “but I’ve never encountered a cat like him.”