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Woman Adopts A Dog To Deal With Anxiety, And The Dog Adopts Her Kitten

22-year-old Hayley Hyrule knew owning pets would help her deal with anxiety, but she didn’t anticipate her dog and kitten becoming BFF! When Okami the Pomeranian pooch saw Loki the ginger kitten for the first time, he fell in love and decided to adopt the cat as his ‘son’.

The two clicked straight away and now Okami won’t stop kissing the kittie, helping him clean himself, and just taking care of him. Their owner who is a pet sitter from Australia couldn’t be happier seeing so much love between her pets.

“We were nervous at first as to how the cat would react to Okami as he is very happy and bounces a lot, but all Okami did was smile and kiss him, and Loki rubbed against and purred,” Hyrule told Bored Panda. “It was great!”

“I have autism so [pets] help me with my anxiety. Okami is always happy and he’s known around town as the smiling dog and Loki is cheeky and loving”. We’re glad the awwwdorable two found each other and are healing the owner with their love!