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They Record The Birth Of An Orangutan In A Sanctuary And Move Their Caregivers With Their Gesture

Dana is the heroine of this narrative, a Sumatran orangutan who gave birth and gave her species new hope. Dana is a resident of the Durrell Wildlife Refuge; her life, like that of many rescued animals, has been marred by scars; but, after her arrival at the sanctuary, all has changed.

Durrel Wildlife Park

Her calf’s birth has recently given excitement to all of her caregivers, even more so considering her last pregnancy had been marred by problems. Unfortunately, the baby died in the womb, putting Dana’s life in jeopardy.

Dana, 25, was told she couldn’t have children when her fallopian tubes were discovered to be clogged.

Durrel Wildlife Park

Treatment was required for her to conceive again, which was made feasible by the obstetrician at Jersey General Hospital, who helped Dana give birth to a healthy kid. Dagu, a 28-year-old orangutan, is her father.

The day the orangutan gave birth to her kid was regarded a great miracle because of her background. The touching and unforgettable occasion was recorded on camera, a remarkable moment observed by the sanctuary’s professional crew who watched from afar as nature’s drama unfolded.

Durrel Wildlife Park

Dana took up the role of mother from the moment the calf was born. She carefully cradles the baby orangutan in her arms. She then cleans him up with her lips. One of the spectators makes the following observation:

“She’s already removing the amniotic sac.”

Durrel Wildlife Park

It didn’t take long for the calf to show signs of life; it began to wiggle slightly and then let out a little scream.

These signs made the doctors pleased since they were delighted and intently watched every motion Dana made to her infant. They were able to witness how the orangutan cleansed the baby’s respiratory tract with her lips.

Durrel Wildlife Park

Although the father, Dagu, is not there for the delivery of his calf, he can be heard making noises, indicating that something significant was taking place: his new daughter had arrived.

After Dana gave birth for a few minutes, something quite extraordinary happened: the orangutan approached the spectators and proudly showed them her calf.

Dana’s birth was the first time an orangutan’s birth was captured on film.

Dana enables humans to see her baby up close since she obviously wanted to share her joy with people who had witnessed this lovely process firsthand. One of the spectators had this to say about it:

“She came to show us the baby, which is incredible.” That’s incredible!”

Durrel Wildlife Park