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Desperate Woman Offers Her Car To Anyone Who Finds Her Beloved Dog That Was Stolen

Everyone has, had or knows someone who owns a pet. It is almost a general consensus that pets bring joy, love and even improve the mood of the house.

A Golden Retriever by the name of Santino had lived since the side of Glasys Peralta and his son, Tobias, in Argentina. But recently, a group of criminals entered his house and robbed him.

Gladys is desperate and unsure how to act has made a sign saying who is able to return your dog or give important information about your whereabouts, you will receive your car as a reward.

The woman’s greatest concern is her son who is an inseparable friend of the dog. “Since they took Santino, Tobias does not want to eat,” said Gladys, distressed.

“The car is all I have, it’s a Fiat 128 from 1989, I do not have any money … It’s the only thing of value I have and we want to recover Santino,” she said.

We are hoping that this story has a happy ending. Surely both the animal and the woman are suffering.