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This Sweet Puppy Already Loves His Little Sister Who Hasn’t Been Born Yet

This Brazilian puppy, Penelope, will soon receive a new younger sibling. Penelope has started showing her affection even though she has a few weeks before they really meet.

Penelope cohabitates with Juliana’s family. Even though Penelope has never received an official pregnancy announcement from Juliana, who is over 8 months along, she appears to be aware that she is expecting a child.

Facebook/ Fox Paulistinha

Juliana stated to The Dodo:

“Yes, I believe she is aware. She senses that something is odd. She enters and sits under the cot while we finish cleaning the tiny space in the nursery. She has always been quite needy and loving, but she has become even more so for me.

Penelope recently took a surprising action. Juliana stepped closer and started cuddling with both her and the baby inside her as she sat down on the sofa.

Facebook/ Fox Paulistinha

Be sure to watch the video of the touching moment below:

Juliana, who was overjoyed to witness her dog showing her infant attention, said:

“He has never performed this before. It was really affecting.

She wasn’t the only one touched by it, though. The video has received more than 5 million views since she shared it on Facebook.

Facebook/ Fox Paulistinha