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Dog Is Very Happy After Donating Blood To Save The Life Of A Puppy

A cute dog performed an unexpected yet endearing thing. A 7-year-old dog named Jax gave blood to save an anemic puppy. Jax Fowler’s mother, Jennifer Fowler, a veterinarian herself, said her dog is eager to assist.

As she stated on LADbible:

He enjoys all forms of attention and maintains complete stillness throughout any operation. We had a severely underweight dog that was on the verge of passing on the day [he donated blood]. The unfortunate dog required a transfusion since his body had almost no red blood cells left.


Obtaining this kind of contribution, according to Jennifer, is quite challenging. On occasion, the veterinary team may donate their own animals to assist alleviate the situation, provided doing so is safe.


Ten minutes away from their house, the woman’s husband drove Jax to the clinic.

As she recalls:

He was overjoyed to see everyone and remained still while we removed a little bit of fur from his neck and cleansed the area to make the area sanitary.


For around 30 seconds, blood was extracted from his neck as he patiently waited, waving his tail and getting licks. He never cried.

His mom continued:

After approximately 30 seconds, everything was done, and he received loads of goodies, a high-calorie snack of wet food, some water, and the opportunity to relax in a luxurious bed for the remainder of the afternoon.


Not only is his mother pleased with how courageous Jax was. After this, she saw her dog seemed delighted to be with her, as though she felt relieved that he had assisted her.

Jillian added:

“That sack was big enough for the puppy, big enough for three transfusions. The puppy made a significant recovery and returned home a few days later.”