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Dog Missing For Months Cries When Dad Finally Finds Him

Rustico Samson Jr. and his family live in Taguig City, Philippines, and they have been without their dog Coco for three months. Despite the passage of time, the guy never gave up his search for the lost dog.

The man did not stop exploring the city in search of his four-legged pal during the period he was missing. He requested assistance from his acquaintances and the general public in providing a physical description of the dog, as well as their attention and reporting if they had any information on the canine.


Rustico recalls the night his dog vanished; he claims that he typically follows his brother to work, and that Coco looks over his apartment, which is close to his father’s house, even at night.

According to Rustico, who spoke to TrendingPH.net,

“Perhaps what happened was that Coco followed after my brother on his bike that night, and he got stuck because there were so many dogs he passed on his way home.” He was probably trapped or got into a battle with other dogs and was unable to track down my brother.”


A dog that surfaced in a parking lot three months after Coco’s disappearance matched Rustico’s description. The man arrived at the location right away.


When Rustico spotted the dog, he did not hesitate for a second; in fact, you can see Coco sprinting and groaning with excitement when he finally met his father in the video.

The guy explains:

“I knew it was him right then and there when I saw a dog laying on the floor in that parking lot.” He was 100 percent certain he was Coco ».

Coco’s physical condition mirrored her experience living on the streets. His thighs and arms were bloated owing to wounds and scabies on his body, and he was quite skinny and filthy.

Fortunately, he was in excellent spirits and appeared to be in good health; all he needed was his family’s love and care to fully recover. Coco’s return to the family has been the nicest thing that has happened to them.

rustic remarked:

“The house is once again filled with pleasant energy. “The good feelings have returned.”


The man never stopped seeking for his beloved Coco; he knew he had to locate it, and when he did, he was overjoyed and overjoyed. Now all he wants is to have those months back.