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Stork That Will Not Fly Again Enjoys Life Thanks To This Woman

A baby stork in Mogilev, Belarus, has a fully happy existence owing to a kind-hearted woman who decided to save her after she was entangled in numerous high-voltage electrical cables in an accident.

While making a nest, the stork became entangled in the electric wires, and the discharge was so strong that it fell to the ground unconscious, hurting its wing and beak. Several individuals in the area decided to assist the injured bird and carried it to the veterinarian for immediate medical assistance.

Elena Ersh learned about the seriously injured stork in this way and wanted to aid her, but she had to wait for her to heal.

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Elena explained to Bored Panda:

“I heard of a baby stork entangled in high-voltage lines in the Mogilev area of Belarus who was electrocuted, lost consciousness, and plummeted to the ground.”

Veterinarians examined the bird and determined that it would not live unless part of its wing was removed. Elena decided to step in and offer the injured stork a second shot at life by bringing it to her residence a week later.

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Elena continued, ”

“I looked for her without thinking about it when I found out.” I noticed an ill, defenseless stork laying on the ground, without even lifting its head. Her eyes were filled with anguish and misery ».

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The woman’s goal was to save Gosha, as the stork was known, and she wanted to do everything she could to help her. Her recuperation was lengthy and difficult, but Gosha had the full support of her new adoptive mother and the hundreds of people who watched her tale unfold.

To be safe from wild creatures, Gosha slept on the balcony at first and liked being outside during the day.

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Her adoptive family decided to design a tiny temporary cage for her to feel peaceful and protected in to make her life a bit easier. She had everything she needed there, but Gosha was depressed and wouldn’t stand up.

Elena was told that the stork was faking her condition and that it was not serious when Gosha returned to the vet.

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But the woman was not pleased with what she heard since she sensed something was badly wrong deep down in her heart.

Elena remarked:

“I phoned all of the private veterinary clinics and located an ornithologist.” After inspecting her, he stated that he would have died if he had waited any longer since her wing was diseased.”

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The procedure was not difficult, but the veterinarian cautioned that he might not wake up from the anaesthetic, and everyone was concerned. The procedure was ultimately completed after three hours, and Gosha awoke without difficulty, easing her family’s worries.


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