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Men Celebrated A Bachelor Party And Ended Up Rescuing A Dog And Her Puppies

A group of friends, including Mitchel Craddock from Vickburg, Michigan, gathered in a Tennessee woodland to celebrate his bachelor party, but things changed when a dog named “Craddock” crossed their paths. Annie’. The lads were involved in an escapade where they saved eight stray dogs and planned to host a great party.

When Annie unexpectedly showed up at the front door, she chose not to enter and instead waited in the driveway for some food while Craddock and his friends were cooking inside a cabin in the woods.

He stated:

Once we earned her trust, “she was a very sweet dog. She was happy to see us, wagging her tail.”

The guys concluded that Annie had been abandoned and required assistance because she lacked a collar, leash, or any other sign that she belonged anywhere.

Added Craddock:

She was severely dehydrated and famished, and she ate everything we gave her as quickly as she could.

The men followed Annie to a hole where one of them peered out and saw seven puppies trying to escape. Annie appeared to have something to say to the men.

They appeared unharmed. They were undoubtedly well taken care of by Annie, but they still required a nice wash because of how dirty they were from the ground.

The bride and his godparents took in the mother and seven abandoned puppies. They currently reside permanently in a loving home.

The bachelor party plans were altered, but the guys were nevertheless happy to have discovered the dogs, who were given the names Knox, Bear, Daisy, Gunner, Brimmy, Finn, Rose, and, of course, Annie.