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Goat Hugs A Dog Who Lost His Best Friend She Knows He Is Sad And Went To Give Him Some Warmth And Comfort

After being born prematurely on a nearby farm and being abandoned by his mother, a young lamb named Jerry was saved by the Black Goat Farm and Sanctuary in Ontario, Canada. Megan Mostacci, one of the sanctuary’s co-founders, provided him with the nurturing environment he need because the farmer didn’t want to go to the hassle of bottle-feeding him.

Jerry made a particular buddy named Drake the dog there.

Megan stated to The Dodo:

Most lambs lie on top of their moms while they sleep. Jerry also done this with Drake.

Drake clearly cared for Jerry. Drake had already joined Jerry on his first night at the refuge. He dressed him, gave him a hug, and wouldn’t let him be alone.

But despite the fact that Jerry had so many supporters, it turned out that he was seriously ill and could not be helped.

Megan brought Jerry to the veterinarian right after when he fainted out of nowhere. Unfortunately, he ended up suffering from an unexpected case of edema, and while his body was being prepared for emergency surgery, his heart stopped.

Drake was devastated to learn that Little Jerry, who had already made so many friends, was no longer there.