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A Sweet Dog Who Was Missing For Several Weeks Unbelievably Turned Up At Her Mom’s Workplace

After searching their Dothan, Alabama neighborhood for many nights in search of their missing dog Abby, Mrs. June Rountree and her husband were unsuccessful. They are now persuaded that Abby is the brightest or luckiest dog in Dothan after three weeks have passed due to an unforeseen turn of events.

On November 8 of this year, the 60-year-old woman noticed Abby had vanished when she walked to her backyard but did not see her there. She had a black and white dog, and the Rountree family looked all over the area for her, but they couldn’t locate her.

As she attempted to see what was happening, she saw that someone was attempting to apprehend a black dog that had broken inside the store.


According to June, The Washington Post

I said, “It can’t be!”

June continued to observe as several staff members chased the dog down every hallway but were unable to catch him.

Employee Danielle Robinette from Walmart said:

“What the heck is happening on here? I followed the animal since I adore animals, and it rushed to cash register number 6.


Unbelievably, it was Abby, and her mother was in that box. Her mother was startled and instantly identified her by the white fur that surrounded her snout.

As June said:

“I yelled her name, and she replied right away. She walked over, and I reached down and gave her a hug. I was speechless, speechless out of astonishment, and I couldn’t believe it since my emotions had taken over.

June gave Abby a long, quiet embrace as the venue employees surrounding her and her puppy.


According to Danielle, her partner told them that this was Abby, her lost dog, as she looked up with tears in her eyes.

May said:

“Everyone was surrounding me, and I couldn’t even talk to them,” the speaker said.

Danielle started to record the intense scene on camera, and she subsequently posted the images to Facebook. His message received thousands of replies and rapidly went viral.

In the middle of her joy, June said that she had no idea how she had managed to track down Abby or where she had been for the last few weeks.

May said:

“I never imagined that it would be in Walmart.”


She continued hoping for a reunion, but she always imagined that Abby would be waiting for her when she got home from work in front of her house.

The Rountree home is around 1.5 miles from Walmart, but Abby had never gone inside. However, her family had frequently taken her to the parking lot and the woods behind the shop.

As June said:

“I don’t know how he found out I worked there.”