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Firefighters In Paraguay Have Managed To Rescue Many Animals In The Midst Of The Floods, Despite The Difficult Situation They Face

Firefighters in Paraguay have started rescue operations for the survivor humans and don’t forget the animals that were left homeless as a result of the torrential rains that impacted numerous sections of the Guarani country.

One of the communities most impacted by the heavy rains and flooding has been Caacupé, which is 53 kilometers from Asunción. The nation’s rescue forces were therefore required to provide immediate help in order to remove those who need it.

However, they did not stop at only saving people; they also made the decision to save orphaned or harmed animals.

Twitter/ Volunteer Firefighters of Caacupé

Early on Tuesday morning, heavy downpours began, but things quickly spiraled out of control as local streams started to overflow and flood the city. The rescue organization tweeted about all the work it has been doing in the disaster-affected communities.

The message reads:

Area evacuation for “Chaco” volunteers from our organization with local residents’ assistance».

Twitter/ Volunteer Firefighters of Caacupé

The volunteer firemen were not hindered despite the fact that the seas in numerous pictures appear to approach hip height. The majority of the streets had transformed into mud rivers, making it nearly difficult for rescue workers to approach some regions.

To prevent possible issues with exposed wiring that was near water, even the power supply to some sections had to be turned off. Additionally, there is video of these bare-chested heroes saving numerous abandoned animals from perilous situations.

Twitter/ Volunteer Firefighters of Caacupé

There were pets that were tied to the trees and some creatures that were found in the mud after being pulled by the current. Other cuddly creatures were left behind in patios or on the roofs of flooded homes, waiting for rescuers to come.

It should be made clear that the rescued animals were regrettably left behind after the natural calamity shocked everyone in the area. Fortunately, despite thousands of incidents, the city’s firefighters did not overlook all the creatures that required assistance.

Twitter/ Volunteer Firefighters of Caacupé

A fire department employee named Rosana Casado claimed that the agency has always been committed to saving animals and that they have been successful in doing so. She also added that all rescued animals are brought to a secure location where they will remain until their owners return or they find a new home.

Twitter/ Volunteer Firefighters of Caacupé