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The Hidden Motives That Drive The Hunters, Who Are Shielded By A Convincing Explanation, Are Revealed

When it comes to rabbits or wild boars, for example, the overpopulation of these and other species considered suitable for hunting is the perfect justification to keep honing their “art” of hunting. Historically, hunters have carved their way to supposedly position themselves in a population control task.

Even if they seem to be defending it as a sport, ecological balance, or heritage, they are really just guarding a lucrative business.

Hunters only worry about maintaining numbers so they may continue to hunt, not about the environment, the ecology, or biodiversity. They collaborate closely with the hunting industry, which purposefully breeds these overpopulations and then primes them to be simple prey for hunters.

Platform NAC (No Hunting) has been attentively monitoring this purported ecological balance and has started a campaign called “The reality of Hunting.”

Strong details regarding every aspect of life at hunting ranches are revealed, as well as the double dealing between farmers and hunters. The following is found in a portion of the statement:

In recent weeks, they have thought of making hunting a legal pastime as part of their support campaign. Hunters propagated pictures of animals, such wild boar, on the edges of cities during the state of panic, encouraging the false perception of overpopulation and promoting the notion that it is essential to prevent population growth via the use of force.

They are pushing for the right to hunt despite the quarantine.

The government of Nez Feijóo has permitted hunting in groups of four persons in Galicia, Castillo, and León under the justification of “damage control.”

After a worldwide health emergency has passed, the government has given permission for people to go into the countryside to murder animals in cold blood rather than just observe or think about them.

In a different part, individuals in charge of the NAC campaign emphasize:

“Those who wish to think of themselves as a part of the answer to this alleged issue of wild animal overpopulation are actually its source.”

NAC notes that an increasing number of hunted animals are produced in game ranches. In the Province of León, all the animals that are hunted are grown in captivity.

At this industry of deceptive look, it is simple to hunt animals, and in certain farms, only the most saleable animals are produced.

The destruction of biodiversity, the upset of the natural order, and the conversion of fields into “factories of living targets, ready to be sold to the highest bidder” make these killings “a perfect cocktail.”

The hunters try to use the rise in population as an excuse for their behavior, but in actuality, it is the farmers that raise the animals and serve them up on a silver platter.

“Hunting is the problem; it is not the answer. the industry of ruin, deception, and death.