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Dog Is Caught On Camera Saving A 14-Year-Old Dog Who Fell Into The Pool

Two adorable tiny puppies named Luna and Caipirinha enjoy an amazing and enduring bond. The second 14-year-old who had fallen into the pool was saved when one of them was caught on the home’s security camera. Luna accidentally fell into the sea since she had some eyesight loss due to her senior age.

Given that Luna is not a particularly adventurous dog, Julieta Firpo, the dogs’ mother, was taken aback to see Luna enter the home completely drenched. It seemed weird to assume that Luna had chosen to go swimming in the pool.


Caipirinha sought to save Luna as soon as she realized she was in peril, frantically directing the other dog to the pool’s shallow end before grabbing her collar and leading her to safety.

Juliet said to The Dodo:

“We saw the footage and were in shock.”

The awful event was avoided by Caipirinha’s affection for her sister and closest friend Luna, so now the mother of the dogs is considering locking the pool area to keep Luna safe at all times.