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Cats Have No Problems About Using Dogs For Their Own Benefits

Cats can pretend all they want that they don’t like dogs, but we know the truth…

Canines are just another species that may be subjugated to cat will, therefore felines like having them around!

And, because dogs are such sweethearts, they typically let cats have their way. Plus, the puppies have learned that arguing with a cat generally results in claws, so it’s much simpler to just go along with kitty’s wishes!


We found proof on social media of cats bossing dogs around, but the dogs just put up with it. After all, when you love a cat, you know who’s truly in charge, whether you’re a dog or a person!

Dogs Are Just Another Breed of Feline-Serving Minion
A cat queen perches atop a fluffy dog mountain to take in the morning sun in the most relaxing way possible…


Even as a small kitten, she’s already using a dog as a purrfect perch…


And, like the dogs before him, here’s another dog eager to help cute kittens!


Just to show that cats have dogs wrapped around their little toe beans, here’s another kitten/dog pair!


Archie has learned that a dog’s position is behind the cat in case the cat needs anything from his dog butler.

Sebastian Barry Allen adores his canine sister, whose curly hair makes a lovely pillow for a tabby cat!


Even when the evidence plainly implicates feline activity, cats like throwing their dog siblings under the bus. Example? Coco simply said, “No It wasn’t me, I guess it was the dog,” when asked if she had eaten her mother’s yogurt, which had smeared over her nose.


There’s no surprise here! Another cat trying to use a dog for their own ends…


Dogs allow cats to practice their hunting abilities as well, and they make wonderful sparring partners who can take a beating!


Cats are secretly worried about dogs; just don’t tell anyone.
But there’s a secret that cats don’t want you to know. When no one is watching, they do nice things for their furry friends!

Sidney and Kooga, for example! Sidney gives massage treatment to Kooga when his arthritis flares up, since kittens adore their animal friends!