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A Police Officer Rescues A Puppy From Neck-Deep Water With His Kayak

Akela, a cute Boxer and Mastiff cross dog, left his house to spend some time playing in his preferred pond. He became stranded because of how murky the water was. Someone spotted the stranded dog and asked for assistance; a police officer used his kayak to pull the dog out of the water while Akela’s head was still above the water and he was straining not to sink deeper into the muck.

Akela was pulled from the sea by a team of responding police officers. Officer John Kuligowski discovered a kayak nearby, and with the assistance of Chief Thomas Cicerelle and his colleague Dallas Overko, he was able to approach Akela and bring her back to shore.


Fortunately, Akela was unharmed, and when she reached land, she shook herself and appeared joyful despite the horrific event she had just gone through. The incident was recorded by the Washington Township Police Department of New Jersey (United States) on her Facebook page.

The police stated in their post:

“Today, a k9 in trouble called for our cops. A gray boxer/mastiff named Akela was found missing and up to her neck in a nearby deep pond.

Animal Control Solutions was given custody of Akela while they tried to find her family. In order to find the animal’s relatives, the center disclosed the location of the animal’s discovery.