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Cyclist Finds Abandoned Puppies And Takes Them To Safety In His Jersey

Thyago Costa Silva, a biker, was exercising beside a buddy in Brazil when he noticed something on the side of the road that drew his eye. Five puppies were still there and battling to live in a large hole when he arrived at the location.

The Dodo was told by Thyago:

“They were quite distant and far away. They were buried alive in a hole that someone had dug. They were helpless and unable to flee.

The rider and his partner realized they had to act right away to assist and save the pups.


The puppies were then individually carefully lifted out of the pit by Thyago and his companion, who also gave them water from their bottles. Although they were obviously very hungry and thirsty, their only concern was staying alive.


The biker and his colleague rider gave the puppies new hope, giving them a second chance at life.

The pups had no secure mode of transportation, so Thyago tucked them in his bicycle jersey and started the arduous trip home.


Thyago and the cubs arrived at their house, free from any threat, after a 12-mile journey.

Thygo continued:

“I brought them home and took care of them. It was quite emotional.”

The father continued to assist the puppies once he got home so they could restore their strength and heal from that experience.


The man wanted to do something extra for the puppies after providing them with such wonderful assistance and began seeking for a home for them. As a result, Thyago posted information about the pups on social media, and soon after, each person received what they had been longing for.