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Anxious Dog That Loves Taking Mama’s Pillow Is Feeling Better Day By Day

Meet this lovely dog named Amos. He had been suffering from anxiety for a long time. Also, he was so terrified of the washing machine.

Dog’s owner Melisa has told about Amos’ story and how she rescued him.

“It was so distressing for me and him,” Mel told the Dodo.

So she called a dog trainer to help him. Suddenly, Amos started growing more confidence and became healthier and relaxed than ever.

Amos is also obsessed with a pillow in the house.

Now, he loves to greet his mom every day with a pillow.

On the other hand, Amos has helped his owner as well.

“He’s helped me have a bit more fun and just run around and be silly. He’s shown me just how amazing dogs are.”

Melissa and Amos are best friends and inseparable now!