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Anteater Reacts Curiously When Meeting Firefighters Who Only Wanted To Help Him

Last Friday, while fighting a fire in Ipueiras, Brazil, Ceará Military Fire Department personnel were taken aback by the appearance of a petrified anteater.

The anteater was attempting to flee the flames by veering away from the blazing bushes, but it was moving slowly and soon found itself engulfed in flames.

The firemen made the decision to pursue the terrified animal because they realized they had to act quickly to save it. When the bear eventually came to a stop, it made a startling gesture by standing up on its two hind legs and lifting its front legs.

When the scared animal realized that the fireman did nothing to help it, it went back on all fours and began to run. After the animal seemed to submit by opening its front legs, it stood still.

The bear maintained his inert position as the firefighter hissed at him once again. He then moved out of the path and began climbing a tree.

Lt. Dutra, a member of the Ceará Military Fire Department, stated, “He was worried and I guess he felt threatened because he stopped, stood on his legs, and made a movement as if to become bigger so that we would be afraid of him.”

The video below, taken by firemen, shows the animal in what is known as “the anteater embrace,” which is plainly visible:

With their powerful legs and claws, these creatures can break into termite nests and protect themselves from predators. Despite having poor vision and hearing, anteaters may be lethal when provoked.

In order to seem larger and when preparing to strike, they extend out their front legs when threatened, according to vets and experts in animal behavior.

However, we cannot deny that most people may find the anteater’s motion amusing since they related it to the gesture of a criminal person who has been apprehended.