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Pittie Won’t Eat His Breakfast Unless Dad Gives Him A Hug

Ben Johnson anticipated Dash would be apprehensive of people the first time he met him as a shelter volunteer. Dash, on the other hand, was only looking for a long hug from Johnson.

Johnson told The Dodo, “I met him in the back room of the humane society.” “I squatted to avoid appearing imposing. He approached me and buried his head in my chest… For about ten minutes, I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him.”

He went on to say, “Every time I saw him after that, he would push into my chest until I held him.”


Johnson chose to sponsor Dash for a charity walk at his local shelter that year. Because it was so hot outside, the shelter allowed him to take Dash home for an evening of relaxation away from the kennel.

Dash was relieved to be in a calm home and spent the night cuddling with Johnson’s Lab mix on the couch.


Johnson couldn’t find Dash at breakfast the next morning. He looked throughout the home till he came to his 5-year-old son in his playroom. He discovered the dog in an unusual stance there.

“Our son got a Fisher-Price tool out and was using a plastic screwdriver to give Dash a dental exam,” Johnson said. “Dash lay on his back with his jaws open as our son examined him thoroughly. We realized he was never going to leave our house at that point.”

Dash has been his gentle, caring personality since Johnson permanently accepted him into the family.


Before eating into his meal, Dash prefers to greet the day with a hug.

Johnson remarked, “He’s been doing the pre-breakfast embrace routine for a couple of years now.” “When you place his bowl down, he will wag his tail and look over at you until you cuddle him.”


“At least one hug is required, often two, and he will occasionally stop mid-meal for an extra embrace,” Johnson added.

Dash’s beautiful breakfast routine can be seen here:

Before meals, the Johnson family is happy to give Dash as many hugs as he requires. It just seems fair that the sweet pittie shows them so much love in return.