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The Unlikely Friendship Between A Dog And A Duck Who Do Everything Together

Animals frequently develop amazing friendships, as seen by the unexpected partnership between a dog and a duck. Because of how Max the Husky met his closest buddy Quackers the Duck, they serve as evidence that friendship does not depend on a person’s species.

When Max was around five years old, Patrick and Kirsten Riley of Strout, Minnesota, adopted him. The dog quickly became friends with Sasha, another Husky owned by the household at the time.

Max’s heart was broken when Sasha tragically went away, but he would soon find solace in his new pal. Max enjoyed the idea of his parents adopting Quackers from the beginning.


They had also lost a few pals when the couple adopted Quackers. The companionship of Max brought solace to the duck. One might say that the two new pals felt the same way and that they would never be alone themselves again.

The mother of Max and Quackers, Kirsten, explains:

They go on walks on the road together, they eat and drink together, and they sleep together. They work together on everything.

The strange pair of buddies liked to hang out along the road. About 25 people live in the little town of Strout, which has given them local notoriety.

Alisa Godejahn, a family neighbor, added:

“They are too lovely to see, so sometimes on the walk home, I wish they are there. There are always people stopping there. Because so many photos are being taken of them, the traffic there can become backed up occasionally.


It’s not unusual to hear the sound of webbed feet and bouncy feet racing about in the morning because the two pals even share a bedroom in the garage. In certain cases, a squawk and a bark may also be heard in addition to it.