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Dog With Extra-Long Snoot Is A Master Pickpocket

It’s difficult to fit in with a nose like Tupelo’s. However, the borzoi has managed to take advantage of her extra-long nose and obtain exactly what she desires.

Tupelo like squeaky toys and goodies, but she does not enjoy doing tricks to obtain them. Instead, the cunning dog has worked out how to acquire all the treats she wants with very little effort – by committing to a life of crime.


Tupelo begins by identifying her intended victim. “As many owners do, I placed goodies in my jacket pocket for training on our walks when she was a puppy, and she was fully aware of where they were,” Tupelo’s mother, Allison Cannarsa, told The Dodo. “As she grew older and taller, I stopped taking goodies with us to the dog park, but she knew quite well that other dog owners, especially those with puppies, were certainly bringing food with them.”


Tupelo, who visits the dog park on a daily basis, developed a pattern for meeting new individuals fast. “She’ll flirt a little, then start waving and probing their pocket region with her really long snoot,” Cannarsa explained. “Unfortunately, she’s the right height for most folks to have her snoot exactly at pocket-level!” This is virtually usually a good thing for her.”

Tupelo will always remember the victim as a “treat-carrier” and will steal from them again and again after she has her reward. “She’ll never give up, and she thinks they owe her goodies forever,” Cannarsa added.

Tupelo can be seen in action here:

Tupelo is equally as motivated to obtain what she wants when it comes to toys.

“Tupe has become courageous enough to put her snoot straight in the pocket and take a ball, sometimes without even being seen,” says the narrator “Cannarsa remarked. “When a dog owner kneels down to play with a smaller dog while wearing a backpack, Tupe doesn’t skip a beat trying to break into the bag on their back, much to my disgust.”

The dog has even developed a reputation throughout the park, but since she’s so adorable, she constantly gets away with her misdeeds. Cannarsa stated on Instagram, “She has truly created a name for herself in the park for her expert pickpocketing of goodies and balls.”