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Puppies  Golden Retrievers Were Discovered Secretly Holding Hands During Playtime

Childhood bonds may endure a lifetime, and dogs are no different.

Billie, a 4-month-old golden retriever, can attest to this.


Emily Buchenberger, Billie’s mother, had no clue the small dog would develop such quick bonds when she initially brought her to a puppy play hour.

Dogs between the ages of 8 and 18 weeks can run about a gymnasium off-leash at this period. Billie could have spent the entire afternoon finding new friends with so many pups to play with. However, all of the golden retrievers in the room managed to find each other.

“The goldens and I have similar playing styles, so we hit it off right away,” Buchenberger told The Dodo. “At puppy hour, there might as well have been no other 15 puppies since the goldens were glued to each other like glue.”

The golden retriever puppies created a secret society, which Buchenberger observed. Instead of racing around like the other puppies, they met beneath various play toys, where no one could see them.


“Most puppies rushed around or leaped onto the things,” Buchenberger recalled, “but not the goldens.” “They mostly primarily played in secret behind the things with each other.”

That is, until one of the other puppies’ fathers disclosed what they had been up to all along:

When the plastic box was removed from the puppies, their owners were taken aback by the fact that they appeared to be holding hands.


Billie enjoys hiding behind things and furniture while she is at home with her family, especially if she has something she values, such as a bone or a soiled sock, according to Buchenberger.

Billie and her dog pals all hide together, demonstrating how much they adore one other. And it’s evident that these pups will be lifelong pals.

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