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They Record A Huge Cheetah Approaching The Face Of A Man In A Wheelchair

Although it is widely accepted that “the dog is man’s greatest friend,” some people find absolute loyalty in creatures they had never expected.

This is what happened to Joan Lascorz, a former race car driver who had a tragic accident and is now confined to a wheelchair, but who has discovered real companionship in a very strange cat.


Spanishman Joan’s life was irreparably altered in 2012 by the motorbike accident he had in Italy, which left him wheelchair-bound and unable to use his lower limbs.

The urge to enjoy life to the fullest did not go away despite this change of events. The exhilaration that Joan experienced throughout the races has now led her to new interests.


The biggest motivation in this driver’s life was discovered in the cheetah’s claws, despite the fact that he now uses modified automobiles to remain in the world of racing. Joan understood how to win the cat’s confidence because she had reared him since he was a kitten. Despite being huge, the animal behaves like any other pet.


The man’s decision to live with this partner may appear excessive and hazardous to some, but the two have an unshakable relationship. There is nowhere Joan can go in the home where her cheetah is not present.

Despite the cat’s power and size, the father is kind to the cat, and this was captured in a heartfelt video that the guy published to his Instagram and that surprised everyone.


The animal can be seen sneakily approaching its father in the pictures, where the pampering and affectionate displays start. The guy even brushes his nose to the cheetah’s and licks it, demonstrating how much they trust one another. Is there anything that shows more trust than that?


The cat acts like a true pet and is well-cared for, to the point that it rests its head on its human father’s lap as many cats and puppies do.

The incident in the video is so heartwarming and unexpected that it received more than 14,000 views on Instagram.