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Guy Finds A Baby Squirrel That Can’t Even Walk Yet, Takes It Home And Now They’re Best Friends

If you haven’t seen enough cute animal pictures today, here’s something I bet you weren’t expecting: a pet squirrel!

28-year-old Igor Grishin, who lives in the small town of Konchezero in Karelia, Russia, was walking in the woods when he found the squirrel unable to walk about a year ago. He brought the baby animal home, where Chippy, as the little critter is now called, has lived ever since. Chippy’s Instagram account shows him lounging on pillows in Grishin’s home, eating fruit, and even being roommates with a cat.

“He is always making me laugh, distracting me from the worries of everyday life. I am very happy that we met each other,” Grishin told Bored Panda. He also shared that Chippy has a squirrel house built especially for him, and has successfully learned some commands.

You can find many heartwarming stories of people rescuing and caring for wild animals, like this wildly popular squirrel named Jill, who Bored Panda posted about a few weeks ago. However, the owner of another popular Instagram squirrel named Tintin is vocal about the difficulties of caring for a squirrel and urges his followers not to get one on purpose just because they saw some cute pictures.

We admire people like Grishin and these other adoptive squirrel parents who are able to provide them with the care they need, since animals that have been rehabilitated by humans cannot always return to the wild, but we remind readers that rescuing a squirrel or any other wild animal means taking on the responsibility of their sharp claws, unpredictable moods, specific dietary requirements, and destructive behavior.