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Find And Return A Dog That Went Missing Six Years Ago And Whose Owner Passed Away Attempting To Find Him

A lady discovered a puppy that had been missing since 2015, but its owner had died while searching for it. After such a long time apart, fate intervened and stopped them from reuniting.

Despite the fact that the dog’s owner had gone to paradise, his children were overjoyed to hear the news and were reunited with their pet.

CREDIT: lapepatenorio

The woman was able to establish that the dog named Dico had a family who had been hunting for him for years thanks to his microchip. The animal rights activist, who goes by the handle Pepa Tenorio on Instagram, told the story that has touched hundreds of people.

In a video, he described how he saw the dog walking along the street and used a reader to confirm that he had a microchip.

They immediately phoned the family, who gladly answered the phone and spoke with Pepa to reconnect with their pet.

She emphasized the necessity of microchipping dogs, stating that the device can prevent a tragic ending in the event of a disappearance such as Dico’s.

The woman was able to acquire information from the animal’s owners thanks to the device, and they were reunited after a six-year wait filled with uncertainty. They were unaware of Dico’s whereabouts, and his owner was unable to realize his desire of seeing him again.

CREDIT: lapepatenorio

Pepa wanted to share a video of Dico’s reunion with his family on her Instagram profile, in which they held the animal without being able to conceal the feelings they had at that time, which they will never forget.

Pepa also asked people not to be insensitive when they saw an animal on the street. Her reunion with her family would not have been possible if she had disregarded Dico; but, they never gave up hope, and it was well worth it.

Despite the sad nature of the reunion following the death of their father, Dico’s owner, they know that he is with them in spirit. They will always be thankful for the woman’s gesture, in which she expresses her satisfaction with the outcome of her deed and asks everyone to follow in her footsteps.

CREDIT: lapepatenorio

“Please, anytime you see an animal on the street, do not pass it by; we have no idea what happened to it; we have no idea if there is a narrative behind it or if there is a family seeking for it; and if there isn’t, certainly something can be found to assist you.”

Human selfishness causes us to avoid complicating our lives and to always turn a blind eye,” Pepa explained.

CREDIT: lapepatenorio

Dico received medical testing at the vet after being reunited with his family to ensure his wellbeing. The dog seems older than he is, yet he is just eight years old.

The dog is frail and has a number of ailments from his time missing, which he sustained over the course of six years.

CREDIT: lapepatenorio