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Cat Left Kittens On A Family’s Porch And Returned With 4 More Two Months Later

A married couple who always helps animals in need were astonished when a cat left three kittens on their porch and then surprised them with another unexpected present after a few months.

Meggie works as a volunteer for One Cat at a Time in Quebec, Canada, an organization committed to rescuing cats and placing them for adoption.

In the middle of the country’s floods last year, he spotted three young kittens on the doorstep of his house. The three kittens were nestled in Meggie’s winter box, which she had made on her porch for stray or wild kittens.


“I left the kittens there since I felt it was preferable to leave them with the mom, but the mom relocated two of the kittens and left one alone,” says the mother.


Meggie waited for the cat to return with her other baby, but after a lengthy wait, she was nowhere to be seen. They carried the small kid inside the home to cater to him because he appeared to be very hungry and needed to be saved right away.


While Meggie was concentrating on the rescued kitten, her boyfriend was able to locate the remaining two kittens in the center of the garden.

Meggie had this to say:

“They were strewn about in my lawn by my lover. The mother cat never returned to seek for them since they were out in the open.


They were taken home by the couple, who washed them up and reconnected them with their other brother; that night, they all slept comfortably and safely together.