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They Declare The Koala “Functionally Extinct” Causing Consternation In The Animal World

We are living in very gloomy times. Days and nights of complete uncertainty on the future of our Blue Planet. The blazes that ravaged Australia last year still have an impact on us today. The koala, a symbol of docility and softness, has been deemed functionally extinct in Australia, which is devastating news for the animal kingdom.


Australia may lose one of its most priceless symbols, the NGO Australian Koala Foundation said in a statement. This is due to a number of factors, not only the horror on Earth that Australia endured in 2019. For a very long time, koalas and their environment have been in danger.

In Australia, there are no more than 80,000 koalas, making the species technically extinct. As a result, a protection legislation is required, according to an AKF representative.


Koalas have a very distinct history, which makes it easier to comprehend when, how, and why they pose a hazard. Before the arrival of the Europeans in Australia more than 200 years ago, ten million koalas lived in a 2,500-kilometer stretch of eucalyptus woods that are typical of the eastern coast of the subcontinent.

They were first wiped out for their priceless fur. One may argue that these marsupials were on the edge of extinction from the moment they first came into contact with humans. This is a really terrible truth that is already upon us.


In reality, solely in the northern part of the nation, in Queensland, during the final poaching operation in 1919, more than a million specimens vanished. There were barely a few tens of thousands left by 1927.

Despite the fact that in the 50 years that followed, considerable attempts were made to improve the statistics, the urbanization and industrialization of cities added a new threat to their habitat.