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Old Dog Sleeps With His Owner On The Couch Every Night, They Are Inseparable!

Meet Spike, a lovely dog that has health problem because of his age. He is 14 year old and dog can’t climb the stairs to the second floor to sleep.

“We got Spike when he was 5 from a rescue (Dogs Trust) around a year after losing our old dog (also a rescue that my parents found abandoned as a puppy). Spike had several homes before us and we can’t understand how anyone could give him up, but we’re very glad he made his way to us,” Spike’s owner told Bored Panda.

Dog loves sleeping with his owner on the couch every night.

“He is very much an old man now, especially after his second stroke, so spends most of his time snoozing in the day and cuddling up with his people as much as possible,” Spike’s owner told us. “He’s a very cheeky chappy too and thinks everything we have is for sharing—personal space, beds, food and any drink that foolishly gets left on the floor from tea to wine—we have to keep a very close eye on him!”

After having second stroke, now dog can’t walk. So he isn’t strong enough to climb the stairs.

But Spike has the love of his family.