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Dog Waits For Mom By The Window For 10 Hours After Staying Home Alone

Pi Dan (nicknamed ‘Naughty’) is a lovely one-year-old border collie who lives with his mother, Zhang, in the city of Shenyang in northeast China. On Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, the woman has chronicled her dog’s everyday activities.

Ms. Zhang was aware that her dog frequently waited at the window when she went to work, even taking a sleep and continuing to wait. Even so, she had no idea he’d spend so much time staring out the window, waiting for him to return.

She stated she was heartbroken after viewing the video, but there was nothing she could do because she had to go to work.

“Seeing those photographs crushed my heart. ”

IMAGE: DOUYIN/125587963

Ms. Zhang also stated that while her 9-to-5 office work provided her with the financial security she required, it limited the amount of time she could spend with her pet.

IMAGE: DOUYIN/125587963

Naughty waits for her mother for ten hours by the window, looking into the distance in the hopes of seeing her beloved person. He leapt up and enthusiastically raced out the door to welcome her when he finally spotted her return late in the afternoon.

IMAGE: DOUYIN/125587963

Sean O’Hara, a professor of animal cognition and behavior at the University of Salford, told LadBible in an interview:

“Dogs have been exposed to this type of social life for a considerably shorter amount of time than humans have. As a result, they frequently endure social isolation and may develop separation anxiety.”

IMAGE: DOUYIN/125587963