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A Golden-Voiced Donkey Sings To The Man Who Always Brings Her Treats

Martin Stanton went out on a stroll with his camera a little over a year ago when he stumbled across an attractive donkey named Harriet hanging out in a field near his house in Ireland. Stanton was enamored from the first minute he saw Harriet, and he decided to introduce himself by giving her a present.

Stanton told The Dodo, “I’m an animal lover.” “When I saw her, I brought her carrots the next day.”

From then, a wonderful relationship blossomed.


Stanton has spent time with the donkey on a regular basis since that first encounter. He’s even met Harriet’s owners, whom he describes as “very beautiful folks” who are also devoted to her.

“Oh, she’s so spoiled,” Stanton observed, but he was glad to donate to the cause. “I’ve been paying her visits for almost a year, and I’m constantly bringing her snacks!”

However, the compassionate donkey just returned the favor by giving Stanton a memorable present. Harriet turns out to have a fairly sonorous singing voice, and she put on a show for Stanton as a thank-you for all the goodies.

Here’s a video of that moment: