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Meet The Adorable Mostaccioli, A Cat With A Mustache That Is Going To Steal Your Heart

Meet this adorable cat named Mostaccioli. She is so unique because of her ‘mustache’.

Isn’t she the cutest? Cat has melted everyone’s hearts in Instagram and we don’t blame her. So adorable and photogenic like a real photo model.

She is 1 year old and lives with her incredible owner named Natalie.

Natalie told Bored Panda that her mom found Mostaccioli near their garden. Cat has three other siblings but Mostaccioli is the one that is so unique.

“Mostaccioli’s mom was a tiny feral micro panther who was severely underweight. My mom was watering her garden when she heard kitten cries so she rushed to call me, and I found all four of them soaked. I dried and cleaned them up as quickly as I could, and tricked their feral mom to walk into the huge kennel so that I could take care of all of them under my supervision. At first, I didn’t notice she had a mustache because I didn’t want to handle them much in their early days, and their mom would hiss and swipe at me when I would weigh them. Mostaccioli was struggling a bit so I started supplemental feeding with her to make sure she’d make it. When we noticed her mustache, I knew then she would be a foster fail for me. Two of her brothers were adopted together, and the other was adopted into a household that had a sweet old poodle for his brother.”

Also cat is so famous now in Instagram. Her pictures are breathtaking and she has gained so many followers.

So adorable.