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Boy Spends His Free Time Bathing Homeless Dogs To Help Them Get Adopted

A great number of abandoned animals are looking for a home; fortunately, we have the ability to assist improve this situation. Simply modest acts, such as providing a stray animal with food, water, or even a pat, may make a tremendous impact.

Thiago, a Brazilian 11-year-old child, has taken this task seriously and launched an initiative called “Sou de rua mas to limpinho,” which translates to “I am a tramp, but I am clean.” Thiago goes out into his town’s streets looking for stray dogs, bathes them, and prepares them for adoption.


According to Thiago, who spoke to The Dodo,

“At the conclusion of last year, I made the decision that I needed to help animals.” I informed my father about my plan to give stray dogs a wash so that they stay clean and odorous and people perceive them differently on the street.”


The project had some hiccups in the beginning, but Thiago and his father were able to rapidly resolve the issues that developed.

Thiago explains:

“It’s tough to catch dogs on the street because they’re usually terrified, and many have been abused.” So we went a while without bathing them until my father spoke with Noah’s Ark, a non-profit organization, and we began bathing his freshly rescued dogs».


Each dog enjoys a nice picture session with Thiago after each wash to increase their prospects of adoption. Thiago’s father is in charge of photo editing and social media distribution.

Thiago has given 48 baths to stray dogs so far and has received all of his community’s support, including contributions of pet shampoo and bath goods.

The following are the boy’s highlights:

“The experiment has paid off handsomely, since the majority of the hairy ones have been adopted.” This gives me a lot of encouragement to keep going.”


Thiago thinks that by following in his footsteps, people’s attitudes about stray dogs would change, and they will open their homes to offer them a second opportunity.

Thiago continued:

“I want people to feel free to adopt.” It is without a doubt the greatest in the world. They accept the dog, though, understanding that it is neither a toy or a thing. He is a long-lived entity who merely wants to give us love ».