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They Abandon Their Older Dog At The Shelter Saying They Don’t Have Time For Her

Cutie, a dog that is 15 years old, was left behind by her owners because “they no longer had time for her.” Her darling had no idea why she was at the Carson Animal Care Center in Gardenia, California, where she had been transported.

Cutie had been sitting in her kennel bored, acting fearful, and not wanting to go since she arrived, according to volunteers at the shelter.

She waited for her family to return for several days in the hopes that they would pick her up, but sadly this never happened.

There is no explanation for Cutie’s family’s decision to remove her to a shelter after 15 years, and the fact that she has aged does not justify leaving someone who has been with you for so long.

The dog was heartbroken and distraught, but fortunately, A Purposeful Rescue removed her from the shelter and gave her a second chance to be happy and find the ideal family.

She was chosen for adoption by a kindhearted individual who would provide her with a loving home for the rest of her life. She has changed her name to Peggy and is ecstatic to be living in the present in her new house.

She now has a home where she feels at ease and a family that loves her and won’t ever leave her.

Keep in mind when adopting an animal that they are a lifetime commitment and entirely dependent on us. Because older dogs require more specific care, some owners find themselves unable to provide for them on a physical and financial level.

Peggy was fortunate to find a home to live out her golden years in this case, but many dogs are not adopted, and being elderly is one of the reasons several dogs are put to death every day in shelters.