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Homeless Dark-Furred Dogs Get Adorable Sweaters To Help Them Find A Family

The Scottish SPCA organization decided to promote dog adoption through adorable sweaters because there are many dogs looking for a forever home where they can give and receive a lot of love. Unfortunately, some dogs have more difficulty than others in this process, and it is typically dark-haired dogs.

Regardless of the breed, light-coated dogs are adopted by people more rapidly, while other canines are judged and kept in many shelters for several months.

The Scottish SPCA’s director, Sharon Comrie, said:

“Dark Dog Syndrome is a factor that may affect whether or not animals in our care get adopted. Black dogs usually typically take the longest to find a new home, often through no fault of their own.

This is said to occur because the hue of these dogs obscures their features and facial expressions in images, making it harder for prospective adopters to recognize their lovely personalities.

The Scottish Women’s Institute (SWI), an organization of female knitters who make the lovely sweaters, has teamed with The Humane Society.

Says Sharon

“Sweaters are the best clothing since they are comfortable on your skin, flexible, and may be made from any or a variety of wool hues. We will be able to create a range of unique sweaters for our dark canines to proudly wear with the help of SWI knitters.”

With the help of this lovely effort, it is anticipated that dogs will be able to find homes more quickly, as is the case for Archie, a shelter dog that struggles to connect with potential adopters because of the stress caused by being confined.