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‘Britain’s Loneliest Dog’ Still Looking For A Home After 500 Days In Shelter

When Hector first started working at Little Valley Animal Shelter in October 2017, no one expected him to stay for very long.

But Hector is still without a home over two years later, garnering him the moniker “Britain’s Loneliest Dog” from the British press.


Hector was taken from his previous home by the RSPCA when he was a puppy because of welfare concerns. He’s won over every single volunteer at the animal shelter since then.

In a news release, Jo Evans, the shelter manager, remarked, “Hector is funny.” “He never fails to bring a smile to our faces and is a solid favorite of everyone who meets him.”

“The crew adores him, and we don’t understand why he is always disregarded,” Evans concluded. “This huge lad has a lot of love to give,” says the narrator.


Hector, now an adult, cuts a commanding figure. The black and white lurcher, a species of cow dog, stands over 3 feet tall with all four paws on the ground and appears to be all legs.

However, the enormous dog’s quirky looks and beautiful brown eyes make him instantly charming. According to the shelter’s website, he has a “big personality and the size to match.” “Hector is an energetic young man in search of like-minded owners who will take him on many adventures!”


Hector is bright and energetic, but he has always been overlooked because of separation anxiety and resource guarding.

“Hector has not gotten used to being alone in his prior home,” the shelter says on Facebook. “As a result, he can find being home alone extremely frightening.” “As a result, he’ll be seeking for a home where someone will be around for the majority of the day to help him settle in and show him that being alone for small amounts of time is OK.”