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Guys Plan To Watch Football And End Up Saving A Life

The men stopped by an animal shelter while en route to see the game, but they had no clue how much of an impact their choice would have. Luiz Salles had just meant to look around the facility, but after seeing Lua, falling in love with her, and adopting her, he changed his mind. As a result, these men helped a pitiful abandoned puppy living in a shelter.

The man was certain he wanted to adopt a dog, but he was having trouble locating the ideal companion. Luiz didn’t anticipate leaving with the ideal puppy for him when he entered the Southern California shelter where his buddy John Hwang frequently visits to take pictures of dogs in need.

The young girl has been waiting in the shelter for about two months and had a degenerative hip problem.

She was overjoyed to welcome the bunch of men and shower them with affection, and they reciprocated by falling in love with her.

Instead of watching soccer, Luiz began the adoption procedure for Lua because he realized he had to do something to assist her.

The boys were gracious enough to give up watching a significant portion of the game so she could stay with me since she became a priority.