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Akita Rescued Off The Streets Helps Save His Homeless Friend, A Sick Golden Retriever

When Hope For Paws rescued Everest the Newfoundland dog off the streets of Los Angeles several months ago, they were told at the time he had a brother.

But the seasoned rescuers were unable to find the other dog at the time. He had disappeared. They were, however, able to find Everest a wonderful home and he went to live with a family in Oregon.

As luck would have it, Everest’s brother returned to where Everest had been rescued and word got back to Hope For Paws. They immediately raced out to find him. Everest’s brother turned out to be a mixed breed – perhaps an Akita mix.

He had befriended Jacqueline and Janet, two sisters who had been feeding the dog, now named Fuji. The two sisters help Hope For Paws rescue Fuji. Once he was safely rescued, they learned from the sisters that Fuji had a friend – a sickly Golden Retriever, named Tai!

Tai was also very friendly and so with the two homeless dogs now safe, Hope For Paws took both off to the vet for a check up.

The two dogs felt both felt so much better after their baths and having nasty ticks and fleas removed. But that’s not the end of their stories. Watch the video to see where Fuji and Tai end up!