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These Two Long-Haired Dalmatians Named Oakley And Nellie Will Melt Your Heart With Their Beauty

Oakley and Nellie are two adorable dogs that are stealing hearts in internet. They have become famous because of a video that their owner posted online.

Video went viral on TikTok and everyone felt in love with them.

Video has over 2 million likes and almost 8 million views. Their owner, Andrew has told Bored Panda an interesting story of Oakley and Nellie.

Andrew told Bored Panda: “So first off, I have two long-haired Dalmatians that are full-bred (Oakley and Nellie). So that post was initially a joke. Every time I go out in public I mostly get asked if they are mixed with a golden retriever or something like that. But I’ve always wanted to get a Dalmatian and randomly stumbled upon a long-haired and I instantly knew right there.

“So I found a lady online trying to get rid of their puppy, which was around 4 months old. When I got there, I noticed he wasn’t fed too well and he was terrified of everything. I don’t know for sure, but I assume he had a not-so-pleasant time before I got him. I picked him up in East Tennessee and named him Oakley! He took a while to adjust and be normal, but he is the absolute happiest dog I’ve ever met.”

These two cuties are so adorable.