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Meet Chico, A K9 Officer That Nailed His Official Portrait With His Uniform

This is Chico, a K9 officer. One day he had to take a picture because it was picture-taking time.

As Chico is a K9 officer with Florida’s Orange County sheriff’s office, had to be present for his shoot.

He looked so cute because he even wore a tie for that picture and he rocked it.

“He even wore a tie for the photo,” the sheriff’s office wrote.

Chico has been part of OCSO for already 4.5 years. He is a patrol dog and he lives with his family.

“Chico is a German shepherd. He’s 5 and a half. He’s been with the OCSO for about 4.5 years. He is a patrol dog and also a drug K9. He lives with his handler and his family,” a spokesperson for the sheriff’s office told The Dodo, adding: “He loves tug-o-war and Kongs.”

He is so adorable, right?