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Until He Saved Her Life, A Woman Was Terrified Of Her Neighbor’s Pit Bull

Simba is a sweet-natured pit bull with an outgoing disposition. Unfortunately, due of his breed, some people regard him as frightening.

However, the adorable puppy recently proved them incorrect.


Arjanit M., Simba’s owner, shares an apartment with him. Many people in the building would go out of their way to avoid the dog, despite his polite approaches.

One of Simba’s neighbors, an older woman who lives a level below, was very chilly to him.

Arjanit told The Dodo, “He always tried to welcome her, but she called him nasty and stared at him with terror.” “Because he was a ‘bad’ breed, she never liked him.”

Simba, on the other hand, never turned against her, as he quickly demonstrated in the loveliest way.


On their way up the stairs the other day, Arjanit and Simba walked by the neighbor’s flat on their way home from a stroll. At that point, the dog began behaving abnormally.

“He came to a halt,” Arjanit added. “He started barking and dashed over to the neighbor’s house.” I yanked on the leash, but he wouldn’t come.”

Arjanit moved to pick up Simba because he wouldn’t budge. That’s when he heard a tiny noise coming from within:

“I heard a frail voice beg for assistance,” Arjanit remembered. “‘Please don’t go,’ she pleaded.”

Arjanit entered the unlocked door to see his neighbor slumped on the floor.

“She’d shattered her hip and had been recuperating at home for a time.”


Arjanit summoned an ambulance, and he and Simba waited with a neighbor for it to come. Her life had been rescued by a dog she’d never warmed up to before.

Of course, everything changed in an instant.

“‘Thank you for listening to me,’ she murmured. “At first, I assumed she was talking to me,” Arjanit recounted. “But then she responded, ‘No, not you — the sweet doggy,'” says the narrator.

That “evil” dog, it turns out, had a greater heart than most.


The neighbor is still recovering, but that hasn’t prevented Simba from becoming a hero.

Others in the building have started doling out snacks and presents to him.

While Simba is deserving of all of them, Arjanit believes that his dog’s acts that day will result in a shift in views toward more than just his dog.